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i kind of need help

2010-07-02 18:37:47 by zh456

i'm constantly trying to change my profile pictures, but nothing happens. what the hell gives?

just want some opinion

2010-06-29 16:14:13 by zh456

i'm just wondering. is anybody on this site a fan of heavy metal?. if you are well, tell me!


2010-06-02 18:32:26 by zh456

are you gay? do your freinds know your gay? do your parents know your gay? are you sure ur gay, are you sure ur sure ur gay. lmao, another joke


2010-05-12 18:39:01 by zh456

This is a random post, i'm just thinking of these Fuking words off the top of ma freakin head. If you are readin' this shiit then you obviously have waaaay too much time on ur damn hands ma freind (loser) lol. I think that you should go home, go to our bedroom, maybe jack off a wee little bit and RE-THINK YOUR DAMN LIFE!!! lmao. This just a joke and I do not mean any of this seriously (this is not supossed to be offensive to (ANYBODY). Get a sense of humor Dumbass.